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Print this Post. Every few hours a NOAA weather satellite passes over your head, continuously transmitting pictures in visible light, infrared, and shortwave infrared. Meteorologists utilize this information to predict weather. The good news is, so can you.

With something like the NooElec SDR dongle, a computer, and a QHF antenna you can predict your own weather, even if all other forms of communication are not functioning.

Why do I need to build such a complex looking piece of machinery? No, seriously, it has to do with simple physics and the nature of radio. Here is a simple explanation- Antennas perform best when they are properly polarized, or the antennas are pointed in the same direction in three dimensional space.

If you were to take two walkie talkies and point one antenna straight up and one sideways at a 90 degree angle you would notice that the reception would be severely degraded or nonexistent, even if in the same room.

helical antenna design tutorial

When you have a satellite orbiting the earth, even if the antenna is pointed straight down, its polarization to you on earth will change as it goes from horizon to horizon. The solution is to build an antenna that is properly polarized in all directions, hence the QFH antenna. What do I need to build the QHF antenna?

There are many ways to build this antenna and many tutorials can be found when scouring the web. They tell you what is needed for the antenna, but are a little short on how to put it together. The reason I chose this antenna was its rugged design, performance, and when you are done, it looks like a work of art.

To build this antenna you will need to be mechanically inclined and willing to dedicate a weekend to the project. Most of the materials can be purchased from any home improvement store, but here is the shopping list. These were hard to find in the local HI store, Lowes had them, but you can get them online here.

You will be cutting off one end. Remember, I built my antenna using this design and using this tutorial. My intention is to tell you HOW I did it. The very first thing you are going to have to do is prepare the PVC section of pipe. I arbitrarily picked 3 feet for total size. For the top of the antenna you are going to have to drill 4 holes at right angles to one another. This will require you to make two templates, one for the top of the pipe and one for the bottom.

Your templates should look something like this. I took a sheet of paper and cut out a 40mm wide strip.Antennas List Antenna Theory Home. Helix antennas also commonly called helical antennas have a very distinctive shape, as can be seen in the following picture. Photo of the Helix Antenna courtesy of Dr. Lee Boyce. The most popular helical antenna helix is a travelling wave antenna in the shape of a corkscrew that produces radiation along the axis of the helix antenna.

These helix antennas are referred to as axial-mode helical antennas.

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The benefits of this helix antenna is it has a wide bandwidth, is easily constructed, has a real input impedance, and can produce circularly polarized fields. The basic geometry of the helix antenna shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Geometry of Helical Antenna. The parameters of the helix antenna are defined below.

D - Diameter of a turn on the helix antenna. S - Vertical separation between turns for helical antenna. The antenna in Figure 1 is a left handed helix antenna, because if you curl your fingers on your left hand around the helix your thumb would point up also, the waves emitted from this helix antenna are Left Hand Circularly Polarized.

If the helix antenna was wound the other way, it would be a right handed helical antenna. The design of helical antennas is primarily based on empirical results, and the fundamental equations will be presented here. The helix antenna is a travelling wave antenna, which means the current travels along the antenna and the phase varies continuously. In addition, the input impedance is primarly real and can be approximated in Ohms by: The helix antenna functions well for pitch angles between 12 and 14 degrees.

Typically, the pitch angle is taken as 13 degrees. The normalized radiation pattern for the E-field components are given by: For circular polarization, the orthogonal components of the E-field must be 90 degrees out of phase.

This occurs in directions near the axis z-axis in Figure 1 of the helix. The axial ratio for helix antennas decreases as the number of loops N is added, and can be approximated by: The gain of the helix antenna can be approximated by: In the above, c is the speed of light.

Note that for a given helix geometry specified in terms of C, S, Nthe gain increases with frequency. For the same example helix antenna, the pattern is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Normalized radiation pattern for helical antenna dB. The Half-Power Beamwidth for helical antennas can be approximated in degrees by: Antennas List Antenna Tutorial Home This page on helix antennas helical antennas is copyrighted. No portion can be reproduced except by permission from the author.

Copyright antenna-theory.Helical antenna is an example of wire antenna and itself forms the shape of a helix. The frequency range of operation of helical antenna is around 30MHz to 3GHz. Helical antenna or helix antenna is the antenna in which the conducting wire is wound in helical shape and connected to the ground plate with a feeder line.

It is the simplest antenna, which provides circularly polarized waves. It is used in extra-terrestrial communications in which satellite relays etc. The above image shows a helical antenna system, which is used for satellite communications.

These antennas require wider outdoor space. It consists of a helix of thick copper wire or tubing wound in the shape of a screw thread used as an antenna in conjunction with a flat metal plate called a ground plate.

One end of the helix is connected to the center conductor of the cable and the outer conductor is connected to the ground plate. The radiation of helical antenna depends on the diameter of helix, the turn spacing and the pitch angle. Pitch angle is the angle between a line tangent to the helix wire and plane normal to the helix axis. In normal mode of radiation, the radiation field is normal to the helix axis.

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The radiated waves are circularly polarized. This mode of radiation is obtained if the dimensions of helix are small compared to the wavelength. The radiation pattern of this helical antenna is a combination of short dipole and loop antenna. It depends upon the values of diameter of helix, D and its turn spacing, S. Drawbacks of this mode of operation are low radiation efficiency and narrow bandwidth.

Hence, it is hardly used. In axial mode of radiation, the radiation is in the end-fire direction along the helical axis and the waves are circularly or nearly circularly polarized. The radiation pattern is broad and directional along the axial beam producing minor lobes at oblique angles.

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If this antenna is designed for right-handed circularly polarized waves, then it will not receive left-handed circularly polarized waves and vice versa. This mode of operation is generated with great ease and is more practically used.

helical antenna design tutorial

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LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 45: Normal Mode Helical Antenna

Previous Page Print Page.A Helical Antenna is formed of a helix shaped conductor wire. Normally a ground plane holds the helical antenna vertically and the antenna is technically fed like a monopole.

Helical antennas can operate in one of two principal modes: normal mode or axial mode. The following helical antenna is designed using the multi-configuration feature of HFWorks and operates at 2. A helix antenna consists of more than three turns of alumina or copper wire of a constant pitch.

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This sort of radiation is found in television and satellite communications as it has a higher capacity to struggle against losses caused by the atmosphere. Such an antenna emitting in a circular polarization has always a 3 dB power loss factor PLF with another linear polarized antenna.

Within this HFWorks tutorial, we introduce the key features of simulating a helix antenna. To simulate the behavior of this helix antenna we are more interested in radiation patterns and antenna parameters like gain, directivity In an antenna simulation, radiation boundaries which are peculiar features of such a simulation have to be assigned to the radiation surfaces. These surfaces truncate the air surrounding the antenna and simulate and anechoic chamber.

The helix which is the most important and special part of the antenna assembly is usually made of copper or aluminum. The conductivity of this metal imposes a certain direction to the electric field.

The latter is in this way polarized in circularly like pattern inheriting the form of the helix. The solid beneath the helix should be assigned a PEC Perfect Electric Conductor boundary condition to play the role of the ground metal. This can be automatically done realized by assigning the solid a PEC material from the material browser. As mentioned earlier, we have to define the radiation boundaries to truncate the open air space surrounding the antenna.

Antenna Theory Tutorial

The locations of these boundaries define the truncations for the air surrounding the antenna. The port definition for this antenna is located on a round surface beneath the ground metal, similarly to a connector for a coaxial cable. The helix goes through the cylinder until the port surface. The most important part of the antenna lies in the form of the helical conductor, the latter has to be meshed in a convenient rate to ensure reliable Maxwell's equations solution: The more you mesh a round shape, the more the solver realizes it is; nevertheless this shouldn't exceed a certain limit.

On the other hand the Teflon cylinder which has the wire signal going through its round cut should also be meshed in a fine rate. We obtain a mesh similar to this figure's:. Various 3D and 2D plots are available to exploit, depending on the nature of the task and on which feature the user is interested in.

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As we are dealing with an antenna simulation, plotting the radiation diagram seems like an intuitive task. The following figure shows the radiation pattern of the considered antenna:. This figure shows conformal views 2D and 3D of the variation of the power radiation pattern of the antenna in terms of the Theta angle.

As mentioned within the beginning of this report, HFWorks computes Scattering Parameters within antenna studies as well; this is mostly relevant to antennas' matching optimization tasks.

In this example, the antenna is best matched at 2. The polar plots for the antenna parameters cover a wide range of parameters: radiated electric field, radiation intensity, directivity, gain pattern, axial ratio This is a vector plot of the electric field at 2.

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helical antenna design tutorial

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helical antenna design tutorial

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Helical Antenna Design Calculator

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